Swim for a Mile

Achieve Milestone Swimming Goals with Swim Ireland’s Program

Dive into Swim For A Mile

Swim Ireland’s “Swim For A Mile” initiative encourages individuals to return to the pool and develop lifelong swimming skills with confidence. Swim Ireland coaches have designed a swimming program that helps participants progress from basic swimming ability to swimming a mile in just 12 weeks. You have the option to follow the program independently or join an SFAM training group at a participating pool.

Training sessions booking opening June 1st. Swim For a Mile lane training will be available in 2 separate sessions;

Wednesdays x 8 weeks : 8.00-9.00pm starting June 26th
Saturdays x 7 weeks : 10-11am starting June 29th

A reduction is offered for all 15 sessions. The Swim for a Mile Outdoor Training is open to those aged 12 years and over who can comfortably swim 2 x 25m lengths of a pool.


The Swim For A Mile event will take place Saturday AUGUST 18TH. The event must be booked separately via button below.